"the MASS" ( the MASS collection) is a monthly online collection of discursive art, articles, opinions, prompts, thoughts, and questions, gathered in response to global issues.



Released on the last day of each month, the MASS aims to provide a space for reflection, criticism, and a platform for art as activism

the MASS is a non-monetised publication (we are not down with the capitalist agenda), and is free to access by all


Everyone is welcome to submit to the MASS: artists, thinkers, writers, worriers – people with opinions prepared to be critical. All we ask that submissions are offered in a spirit of openness.

the MASS is co-edited by Henry McPherson and Maria Sappho

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Please note: the publication often features artistic works including nudity, and adult themes.

Parental discretion is therefore advised.

The open call for June, July and August 2021 is now live – OPEN CALL -

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