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Cover Image © Beth Barlow, Simon John

Because of the size of our publication, sometimes it can take a little while to load. If you're experiencing very long waits, or can't see anything above, please get in contact with us! We are also having a slight demon with ​the publication working smoothly in safari, and we are working on fixing this as soon as we can. If you have this problem (we know it is a pain) it should work better if you open it in another browser!

CW: this issue contains adult themes and close-up of body.

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Vinay Hathi

Ding Ruyi

Beth Barlow and Simon John

Matilda Flood

Afulodidim Nikefolosi


Anne-Laure Oberson

The Sentient Archive of Hur

Rowan Heggie

and various authors of

The Abundant House of Sappho

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